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Field Supply Donations

If you would like to help us out, you can bring any of the following materials to our field (when we are open) and we can use these in a variety of ways such as barricades, buildings, props, and more. We greatly appreciate the help we get from the community. If you need help loading or hauling the supplies, please CONTACT us. Thank you!

Pallets: We accept pallets of all shapes and sizes. Our favorite are pallets with no gaps between the boards. We can help with loading/hauling but since pallets are quite common and almost always free, the distance we will travel for these is limited. 

Drums: MUST BE EMPTY! 250 gallon, 55 gallon, 30 gallon or anything else, we will take it all. Steel or plastic, we are fine with either. They make for nice fillers. 

Barn Siding: We can accept any type of barn siding/roofing regardless of length. We are always very excited to get more siding since it provides excellent cover with minimal work required and provides lots of noise when being shot at. 

Scrap Cars: We unfortunately cannot accept scrap cars without a title. Any scrap cars, trucks, or vans are greatly appreciated with a title. This one is obviously more difficult to transport so please feel free to contact us for help with transport.

50 gallon drums
Sheet metal
Scrap cars

Tires: Truck, car, trailer, tractor, doesn't matter, we will take them all. NO steel wire showing. We will not accept tires with sharp metal exposed. If possible we would like holes in them to drain the water, but we can always do that after they are at the field. 

Tire arena

Paint: Any type of paint, interior/exterior rattle cans, quarts, gallons. We use paint to label buildings or to help preserve the wood to get the maximum life possible out of our buildings and barricades.

Scrap Wood: Pretty much any wood chunks, logs, boards, beams, it doesn't matter. Any length is fine. If it is too small to use on the field, we can burn it in our wood burning during winter.

Fasteners: All types of nails, screws, and bolts. We can take leftover from projects or any other type of surplus. This is incredibly useful when putting together building considering airsoft structures use smaller pieces of wood and therefore LOTS of fasteners. 

wooden boards
paint cans
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