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If you would like to contribute to the DarkFire database, you can submit via email at Darkfireairsoftmi@gmail.com or on the contact page. If you contribute information, you will be credited as a main source and your name/username/callsign or any other form of identification you want to be recognized as will be put at the top of the info page(s) you contributed as a title to the page. Or if you prefer, you will be left anonymous. If possible, we prefer the information to be in a paragraph form. This is our only rule: IF YOU COPY INFORMATION FROM ANOTHER SOURCE, YOU MUST GIVE CREDIT TO THAT SOURCE AS WILL WE. We are not picky, we just prefer if you give us information such as: "The standard M4 is a version 2 gearbox which is compatible with nearly all version 2/3 parts excluding..." rather than "M4 is a version 2." If possible, we would like to directly add your information to a page rather than spend a lot of time editing it to make it website friendly. We will always check for the validity of any information provided to ensure only correct info shows on the database. If you contribute information that in the future is no longer valid or has changed dramatically, there is a small possibility that your name will be moved from the top of the page to the bottom as a source rather than a main source. To anyone who will contribute information, we thank you for taking the time to help us provide free information to the Airsoft community!

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