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All parts cost different based on brand and availability, while many parts are kept in stock, some may need to be ordered before work can be done.

As a sniper friendly airsoft store, we offer repair and upgrade services to any platform sniper. We even have a host of unique custom upgrades that cannot be found elsewhere.

AEGs are always accomodated, from the classic M4 to the unique M249, most AEGs can be upgraded and repaired.​​

3D printing

Just can't find what you are looking for? Look no further, you can have your own design created right here by DFA on our 3d printer.

Do you have that unique pistol platform that they just don't make a holster for well look no further if you have it we can make something to hold it, all the way from pistols, magazines, CQB rifles, and everything in between


Run out of ammo too much? We also offer custom mags made to order. Everything from a 450rd sniper mag to a 15,000rd M249 mag. If you want it, we can make it.

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