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DarkFire Airsoft

DarkFire Airsoft is an airsoft field, store, and pro shop in Hillsdale Michigan. Our mission is to bring new players into the airsoft community and give everyone a great experience on the field and off. Our field is 38 acres of hilly woodland and we are constantly improving the field and safe zone. The pro shop includes many upgrade and repair parts for most common airsoft rifles. We have very skilled techs to work on any form of airsoft guns for advanced upgrades or basic repairs. The store stocks everything from airsoft guns, bbs, mags, tactical gear, and even camping supplies such as carabiners, backpacks, hammocks, flash lights, and knives. While we can't have everything in stock, we do have access to most items, if there is something you want but don't see, we can likely get it for you. 

Meet the DFA Family

Eric Donato - Callsign Legolas

Mark Hildebrand - Callsign Anarchy


Jonah Huepenbecker - Callsign Rocket

Zack Ronquillo - tank that

Jeremy Clark - Callsign Cowboy / draft horse

Joshua Buehrer - Callsign Wolverine

Ben Channels - Callsign Barricade

Matt Francis - Mustang 

Justin Smith - Axe 

Aaron Richards - Glassjaw

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