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DarkFire Airsoft

DarkFire Airsoft is an airsoft field, store, and pro shop in Hillsdale Michigan. Our mission is to bring new players into the airsoft community and give everyone a great experience on the field and off. Our field is 38 acres of hilly woodland and we are constantly improving the field and safe zone. The pro shop includes many upgrade and repair parts for most common airsoft rifles. We have very skilled techs to work on any form of airsoft guns for advanced upgrades or basic repairs. The store stocks everything from airsoft guns, bbs, mags, tactical gear, and even camping supplies such as carabiners, backpacks, hammocks, flash lights, and knives. While we can't have everything in stock, we do have access to most items, if there is something you want but don't see, we can likely get it for you. 

Meet the DFA Family

Eric Donato - Callsign Legolas

My name is Eric Donato and I am the owner of DarkFire Airsoft. Since I started DarkFire with the help of our DFA family, I have been completely committed to ensuring our name is a name is synonymous with excellence and to service our customers in any way we possibly can. I can't claim all the credit, I wouldn't have gotten this far without the entire DarkFire Family. Without them, DarkFire Airsoft would still be some school friends playing a backyard, not the large well known field, store, and pro shop it is today. I started playing airsoft in 2009, never stopped, never will. My first gun was an H&K Mp5k. Not long after I purchased the WellFire MB05 and I found my airsoft calling, sniping. While I add and change guns in my collection, sniping will always be my favorite game play style. My current arsenal includes my original MB05, ICS CXP MARS, TM MK23, Action Army AAP01, A&K M870, Cyma Mp5k, and a Well MB13 all of which have been upgraded and/or modified for maximum effectiveness. 


Mark Hildebrand - Callsign Anarchy

My name is Mark C. Hildebrand Jr. and I helped Eric start DFA. Eric is family to me and seeing the company we started grow means a lot to me. I have been playing Airsoft since I was 11 years old. My first gun was the m14 firebird (No longer in existence) and it was hilariously awful, so I upgraded by the next game to the well known Thompson Submachine Gun. After many wars I decided I needed a sidearm, so I ripped the stock furniture off and turned the Thompson into a large sidearm. But of course I needed a new primary gun so I picked the M249 full steel SAW and wickedly customized it with Eric's help. As my favorite primary, the M249 has a 25 Round Per Second sustainable ROF from massively upgraded internals. It can rain bbs up to 200 feet away for several minutes straight, without slowing or stopping. By now, I'm known for my absolutely wicked guns, both in performance and looks. I am committed to helping the DFA family achieve all our airsoft goals in making the best field around.

Jonah Huepenbecker - Callsign Rocket

My name is Jonah and I really enjoy getting involved in the airsoft community. I am not only part of DarkFire Airsoft, but Hu Force Commandos, and Veterans for Airsoft as well. As members of these groups I have been able to help bring my own style of games to the community and experience new ones across the country. I really enjoy roleplaying in larger scale events such as Cerberus and DarkRising as well as the tactical long play nature of those games. 

Zack Ronquillo - tank that

My name is Zack and I'm a speedsofter. I know most people don't think speedsoft has any place out in the woods but I take it as a challenge. I like to build my own guns, many of them from miscellaneous parts. I quite enjoy HPA builds as well as pistols. I have multiple HI-CAPA's and a Polarstar Kythera. I joined the Army National Guard and am currently active duty.