DarkFire Airsoft

DarkFire Airsoft is a new name in the Airsoft industry. DarkFire started in 2017 but can find its roots well before then. It all started in 2009 when the owner first got into Airsoft. For years, it was just friendly recreational play in the backyards of friends. Then, common factors began to emerge, the owners field was being used consistently and the games became much more common. Before long barricades were being built and new game modes invented. At this point the owner wanted to share it with the world. Eric Donato started DarkFire with a goal in mind, to grow this field and store as fast as possible. Within a few months DarkFire had a small STORE open with LongBow, Valken, UTG, and Elite Force products. DarkFire Airsoft is now working on bringing our own brand of products to the Airsoft world including batteries, bbs, patches, and more.

Eric Donato

My name is Eric Donato (callsign Legolas) and I am the founder of DarkFire Airsoft with Mark Hildebrand and many others at my side. I started playing in 2009, never stopped, never will. My first gun was an H&K Mp5k. Not long after I purchased the well MB05. This has been my primary rifle since then. I have been working on transforming this MB05 into the best sniper I possibly can through a combination of purchased upgrades and custom ones that were invented by me and cannot be found elsewhere. My arsenal has changed over the years. My current lineup includes my original MB05 with heavy modifications, an EMG Hellbreaker, a desert eagle, a cyma glock AEP, and a new H&K galaxy Mp5k. I know from previous experience that I could easily have a far larger arsenal, its just I wouldn't use the extra guns enough to make it worth it, I love my sniper too much to use much else. That's why I limited it to my sniper, the two pistols (AEP for winter, C02 for summer), my CQC gun (the Mp5k), and my DMR (the Hellbreaker). Since I started DarkFire, I have been completely committed to ensuring our name is a name of excellence and to service our customers in any way we possibly can.

Mark Hildebrand

My name is Mark C. Hildebrand Jr. (Callsign Ghost) and I am the field maintenance manager, technician in training, and best friend of Eric Donato. I have been playing Airsoft since I was 11 years old. My first gun was the m14 firebird (No longer in existence) and it was outright awful. It had little ammo capacity and had a ROF equivalent to a snail, so I upgraded by the next war, to the well known Thompson Submachine Gun. After many wars I decided I needed a sidearm, so I ripped the stock furniture off and turned the Thompson into a large sidearm. But of course I needed a new primary gun so I picked the M249 full steel SAW and had it wickedly customized by Eric Donato. I have a custom mag(7,500 round), custom flash hider, custom battery connectors, and a 19 Round Per Second ROF from upgraded internals. I can give overwhelming suppression fire up to 200 feet. I am a loyal helper of Eric and will continue to help him build the DarkFire brand any way I can.


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