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Player Safety Rules

  1. AGE: You must be 12 years of age or older to participate. Anyone under the age of 16 must have an adult/guardian present on-site.

  2. SAFE ZONES: The fields parking lot and staging area are a dedicated safe zone. Before entering from the field: Remove your magazines, clear your chamber into the ground/field, and put it on safe. Anyone that purposefully fires any BBs in the safe zone, at another player or otherwise, for any reason, may be subject to a personal strike. The same applies to any BBs shot outside of the field such as out of the property and into other properties or the public road. These are potentially serious safety hazards and must be followed at all times. 

  3. EYE PROTECTION: You must wear full seal ANSI Z87.1 rated eye protection at all times in the indicated game area. Do NOT shoot anyone without a mask or other proper forms of face protection. Airsoft guns can cause serious injuries to those who are not prepared. Do NOT remove eye or face protection on the field.

  4. REFEREES AND ADMINS: Whenever a referee, identified by a high-visibility vest or bright yellow staff shirt, is present on the field their authority is final and should not be argued with. Admins may also be present playing in the game along with normal players, signified by their blue DFA patch, (nobody besides admins/staff may wear a blue DFA patch). They have the same final say authority as referees, unless overruled by a game with a dedicated referee. 

  5. PLAYER CONTACT: There will be no pushing, shoving, hitting, or any other aggressive physical contact with another player. 

    1. Some games will have a medic or revive buddy-aide system where they will be required to pat your arm/leg/shoulders. This is allowed

    2. Some games, such as our ‘Mad Scientist’ you will be allowed to be moderately aggressive with the staff playing the Mad Scientist role. Watch out, as they’ll play back.

  6. BLIND MAN: If someone is injured on the field they should call out as loud as they can "blind man." If you hear that call, you too must call out "blind man" and the whole field will become a safe zone. This is not an excuse to take off your eye protection on the field, simply stop whatever you are doing, remove the mag from you gun, fire a shot into the ground to clear the chamber and wait for instructions. If you know the location of the incident, please help direct the admins and refs to find it quicker. If you do not know, please do not guess, we don't want to take longer to respond because we went in the wrong direction.

Player Safety Rules

​Field and Gameplay Rules

  1. ENTRY FEE: You are required to pay an entry fee in order to play for the game/day/event at DarkFire Airsoft. Open play tickets are available both on the website and at the door unless otherwise specified. Tickets bought online will need to be checked in at the office.

  2. WAIVERS AND SIGN-IN: You must sign a waiver and sign into the field before participating in a DarkFire Airsoft event. Without a waiver you will not be allowed to play, no exceptions, waivers are valid for that calendar year only. You will be required to sign in to the field during the day's registration in the office

    1. You may be given a wristband for on-site events, do not remove the wristband or you may be ejected from the game.

  3. CHEATING: Airsoft is an honor sport, please be an honorable player. Darkfire Airsoft employs a 3-strike warning system on cheating. 

    1. 1st strike, If caught blatantly cheating (not calling hits, blind firing, tampering with field equipment/game objectives) You will receive a verbal warning and kicked off the game area for that game.

    2. 2nd strike, you will be ejected from the field for the day, no refunds.

    3. 3rd strike, Permanently banned from the field, no refunds, no re-admittance without approval of the administration team

  4. HITS: If a you are shot by a BB, raise your hand and call “hit!” and pull out your red/dead rag if you have one to indicate that you are out. In the event that you are unsure if you have been hit, play it safe and call yourself out. Any hits on you or your gear (including backpacks and hats) count as a hit. 

    1. Friendly fire and blind fire, while not allowed, do occasionally happen. Call your hit and let an admin or ref know.

    2. Ricochets and gun hits (BBs bouncing off your primary airsoft gun) do not count.

  5. DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES: If you are hit and out/returning to respawn (or spectating a game without respawns) you may not:

    1. Speak. Other than saying “hit” or “Dead man walking”. You can also be honorable and and compliment their shot

    2. Give away peoples/objectives positions to teammates. 

    3. Help ‘In’ players with any task what-so-ever

    4. Remove your eye protection in the game zone.

  6. TARGET: You must be able to see the target you are shooting at. Any instance where you are unable to see down the barrel of your airsoft gun is considered blind-fire and cheating.

    1. Many buildings and barricades have smaller cut outs. If you are unable to fit your face through the cutout, you are unable to fire from it. If you can shoot through it from a distance that is considered marksmanship.

    2. DO NOT SHOOT AT WILDLIFE! This will result in an immediate and permanent ban. 

  7. MELEE: Melee kill system. Rubber knives/bayonets/foam weapons and other admin approved items may be used in soft slashing motions only, do not stab your enemies as the point can still be hard.

    1. If you are tagged by a melee weapon, it is a stealth kill, silently raise your hand and return to your gamemode dependent spawn. Do not call out “hit”

    2. No throwing your knives or melee weapons for ranged kills, unless specified.

  8. “BANG BANG”: This in-game rule is optional. If you are within your 5ft (ONLY AIRSOFT GUNS WITH A 5FT MED MAY “BANG BANG”) You may call out “bang bang” to tag the other player to avoid a very close quarters shootout; the same as taking a BB hit. Taking the bang bang hit is optional, however if you attempt to retaliate you forfeit the MED of the person who is initiated the "bang bang."

  9. TEAMS: Many games will have players split into pre-organized teams. They will be designated by blue or yellow arm bands. Your arm band must be worn on either your arm or gun for visibility. Other game modes may require other colors and will be noted in the game briefing.

  10. DARKFIRE PROPERTY: Do not purposefully damage any of Darkfire Airsofts Property. Buildings, barricades, and the natural forest. This also includes provided equipment such as: radios, maps, melee weapons, arm bands, and objective equipment.

    1. Do not climb on any structure or trees on the property. Multi-story structures are marked as such.

    2. Many buildings and structures are made of reclaimed materials, please be careful with them.

    3. Purposefully negligent actions with the field or its properties may hold you liable to its replacement

Field and Gameplay Rules

​Airsoft Replica Rules

  1. AIRSOFT ONLY: DarkFire Airsoft is for AIRSOFT ONLY. No paintball guns, airguns, real firearms or other deadly weaponry are allowed on the property. Anyone brandishing any deadly weapons will be handed to authorities. 

  2. BB’s: All BB’s used on the field must be BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC to protect our environment. Anyone caught using matchgrade/non-bio BBs will be ejected from the game and subject to expulsion. (We do have BBs in stock for sale in our pro-shop) 

  3. AUTOMATIC/BINARY: Most standard games are to be run in semi-auto only. Full auto is reserved for replicas that fire in automatic only and replicate belt fed Light Machine Guns. Rifles with binary trigger systems are not allowed.

    1. Anyone found using a binary trigger will be asked to disable it or use a different airsoft gun

    2. Anyone found using automatic during normal gameplay will be asked to return to semi. Repeat offenders may be subject to game ejection.

  4. GRENADES: Grenades are allowed. Sound grenades have a 15ft kill radius. If there is solid cover between a person and a grenade, it does not count as a hit. A bush is NOT solid cover. A wall or part of a structure is considered solid cover.

    1. Smoke grenades and other pyro are allowed and weather dependents for fire hazards. Should the day not be applicable for pyro grenades, it will be addressed at briefing. NO HOMEMADE PYRO.

  5. BALLISTIC SHIELDS: All shields are allowed, including homemade shields. You are only permitted to use a shotgun or a pistol while using a shield. Shields are NOT considered cover for grenades. 

  6. MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT DISTANCES AND JOULE LIMITS: If you bring your own airsoft guns to the field, before every event your gun will be chronographed and tagged with the corresponding zip tie color. Below is a chart to determine MED (minimum engagement distance) by your airsoft gun's joule power rating.

    1. Players caught with a gun without a chrono tag will be ejected from the game and subject to having that gun chronographed and tagged.

    2. All of DarkFire Airsoft Rentals have the standard 5ft MED

This minimum Engagement is based on Joules but converted to FPS for easier use. To calculate your minimum engagement distance, you must check your FPS and rate of fire (ROF). The FPS will give you a baseline for your minimum engagement, if your ROF has a minimum engagement, it must be added onto the base determined by the FPS.

Minimum Engagement 8-30-22.PNG

Minimum Engagement PDF

If you would like to go into greater detail to see FPS and/or bb weights not listed, or you would like to see the joules for the bb weights/fps and the joules formula, check out the excel doc below.

Airsoft Replica Rules


Milsim Rules


Your uniform requirements are going to fall into these categories below. This applies to your clothing, NOT your chest rigs, vests, plate carriers, holsters, etc. This DOES apply to headgear. If you have a helmet, we recommend using a helmet cover to avoid the cost of buying a whole new helmet. You can mix and match colors within the same uniform code (OD green pants with woodland camo top) but you CANNOT mix uniforms. Ghillie suits are allowed on ANY team and do not have to follow the normal requirements. If you are not wearing proper uniform under the ghillie, you cannot take it off in the field. 

Tan Team- Solid Tan, Multicam, Three Color Desert, Six Color Desert, Arid MARPAT, ACU, ABU.

Affiliations- Rolling Hills Militia (Op Cerberus)

Green Team- M81 Woodland, MARPAT, Woodland DPM, Tiger Stripe, OD Green, Hunting apparel.

Affiliations- Lakewood Coalition (Op Cerberus) 

Black Team- Black, multicam black, digital black, etc.

Affiliations- Cerberus Advanced Armament Systems (Op Cerberus)

This team is usually restricted for most milsims. Please check the details on each event HERE

Civilian Team- Jeans, flannel, 

Affiliations- Civilians (All)

This team is usually restricted for most milsims. Please check the details on each event HERE