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DarkFire Rules

  1. EYE PROTECTION: This is the most important rule and most strictly enforced. You must wear full seal eye protection at all times during the games. Do NOT shoot anyone without a mask or other proper forms of face protection. Airsoft guns can cause serious injuries to those who are not prepared. Do NOT remove face protection while a war-game is active. Do not risk your personal safety, keep face protection on.

  2. FPS/JOULES: If you bring your own gun, it must be tested by OUR chronograph, anything below 3.25 Joules and 425 fps is acceptable. MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT MUST BE FOLLOWED *SEE BELOW*

  3. WAIVER: You must sign a waiver before participating in a DarkFire event. Without a waiver you will not be allow to play, no exceptions. Waivers are FIELD SPECIFIC, you must have a waiver that is corresponding with the field you are playing at.

  4. AGE: You must be 12 years of age or older to participate.

  5. CHEATING: DO NOT CHEAT, any cheaters will immediately be removed without refund and possibly banned permanently. Airsoft is an honor sport, please be an honorable player.

  6. PLAYER CONTACT: You are absolutely not allowed to push, shove, hit, or in any other way have violent contact with another player. You should only ever touch another player when you are respawning them or in rare occasion if a game mode requires it.

  7. BBS: You MUST use biodegradable BBs. Anyone caught using non biodegradable BBs are subject to removal from events without refund.

  8. SAFE ZONES: Before entering a safe zone, remove the mag, fire the gun once to ensure no BBs are left in the chamber, then ensure gun is on safety and put a barrel cover on. DO NOT remove eye protection until you are inside the safe zone.

  9. REFS/ADMINISTRATORS: Whenever a ref is present on the field, his/her authority is final and cannot be argued with. They are present to keep the field safe, respect what they say. Refs are identified by reflective yellow vests or yellow shirts. In the case when refs are not necessary, admins will be used in place of a ref. Admins are refs who are participating in games who know the field and have volunteered to help explain game modes and ensure the games run smoothly. Admins also have the final say (although they can be overridden by a ref in game). 

  10. TARGET: Do not shoot any bbs inside any designated safe zones or outside of the field boundaries. This is a serious safety risk, just don't do it. Remember to be mindful of your target, if there is anything behind your target that should not incur bb fire, do not fire.

  11. HITS: If you are shot you must raise your hand over your head, yell “out” or "hit" and walk back to designated location. Friendly fire and blind fire do count as a hit. While ricochet shots and gun hits do not count, any other form of bb contact does count. If you are unsure whether a shot was ricochet, friendly fire, blind fire, or a normal shot, just play it safe and call a hit.

  12. BANG BANG: The bang bang rule is optional. Some people may accept it as a hit, some may not. It is at the players discretion. If you are within your minimum engagement distance, it is recommend to switch to either a knife or lower powered weapon with less minimum engagement such as a pistol.

  13. KNIFE KILLS: Knife kills do count. If you do not have a rubber knife, you are allowed to use anything that may resemble or simulate a knife so long as it is no harder than normal rubber knives. This rule also applies to larger melee weapons. Foam swords, axes, maces, hammers, and any other form of melee weapons that are either foam or rubber count so long as they are not deemed too hard by a ref. Do not stab, you can slice with your melee weapon but stabbing is prohibited because many of them have very hard tips. 

  14. WEAPONRY: No deadly weapons allowed during wargames. Accidents can happen, we don't want any accidents to occur with deadly weaponry.

  15. TEAMS: When you are assigned to a team and you must wear the corresponding colored arm bands (white for Alpha, green for Omega, blue for Sigma). You may be required to put one around your gun if your arms are not visible enough. The colors are chosen for the purpose of minimizing interference with camouflage but still being visible enough when you are spotted. PLEASE RETURN ARM BANDS AT END OF DAY

  16. WILD CARDS: Wild cards are people who are put into the game who are not on any team and can respawn in nearly any game mode (at a respawn point). They can pick who they kill, they could be friendly and help you, or they could betray you. You can just never know what a wild card will do. They put on the field with a particular goal, usually to keep the game balance. They typically wear Sigma (blue) arm bands.

  17. ENTRY FEE: You are required to bring the preset entry fees. If we don't collect entry fees, we could no longer afford to be in business, please respect that. We always try to improve the field and continually grow, we cannot do that without funds.

  18. DARKFIRE PROPERTY: Do not purposely cause any damage to any part of the property, forest, barricades, trailers, ect. This also includes the provided radios and equipment. DarkFire Airsoft provides a limited supply of radios, maps, melee weapons, and arm bands. Please respect what we are trying to provide by not breaking anything. If you are issued a radio, you must keep track of it, if it is lost or broken, you may be liable to replace it.

  19. CLIMBING: No climbing on any structures. This is not parkour, please be safe.

  20. GRENADES: Grenades are allowed, however a player must be hit by a BB in order for it to count as a kill, flour bombs also count (filling a grenade with flour to produce a small cloud). Noise effect grenades will not count as kills.

  21. AIRSOFT ONLY: Absolutely no airguns or paintball guns ever. You cannot bring any airguns (powerful BB guns that fire metal projectiles) because they can be deadly. You cannot bring any paintball guns because they are extremely messy. We are playing Airsoft, lets keep it that way.

Dead people CANNOT:

  1. Speak, other than to say “hit!” or “dead!” or if you want to compliment a shot such as “how did you hit me? That was an excellent shot!”

  2. Give away a person(s) position.

  3. Help alive people in tasks such as reloading mags.

  4. Remove eye protection.

  5. Stay in field (unless game mode allows it) without yellow vest.

Dead people CAN:

  1. Spectate current war so long as they have proper face protection and do not interfere in speech or movement and be in a designated no shoot zone or wearing identifying gear (reflective vest and face protection).

  2. Return to re-spawn point (if the game calls for re-spawns) or return to safe zone to wait for next war.

Failure to adhere to the rules can result in punishment such as exile from current or next wargame, permanent exile from DarkFire events, immediate death in game, ect.

This minimum Engagement is based on Joules but converted to FPS for easier use. To calculate your minimum engagement distance, you must check your FPS and rate of fire (ROF). The FPS will give you a baseline for your minimum engagement, if your ROF has a minimum engagement, it must be added onto the base determined by the FPS.

Minimum Engagement 8-30-22.PNG

Minimum Engagement PDF

If you would like to go into greater detail to see FPS and/or bb weights not listed, or you would like to see the joules for the bb weights/fps and the joules formula, check out the excel doc below.

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