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Introducing the Battle pass!

The DarkFire Battle Pass is a physical card that allows its owner free access to all open play events for one year after the purchase date. You can purchase in person at our store. The Battle Pass cannot be transferred from one person to another and cannot be used by anyone but the owner. The full list of benefits are below.

  • Free entry to all events marked as "Open Play"

  • $10 discount on all Milsim events (labeled as "Operation")

  • 10% discount on resupply items as follows:

    • BBs​

    • Green gas

    • C02

When using your Battle Pass, have your ID ready and the battle pass card MUST be present. The date will be punched at the time of purchase, if there are any additional punches in the card, it is immediately invalid.

The DarkFire Battle Pass terms and discounts are subject to change. Check this page for updates.

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