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Last page update 8-28-18

Version 3 gearbox

Anti-reversal Latch: V2/3

Class 1: King arms

Class 2: SHS, ICS, Guarder

Class 3: Lonex, Modify, ASG, VFC

Class 4: Laylax

Cylinder Head: V3

Class 1: A&K,

Class 2: ICS,

Class 3: Laylax, SHS, ZCI

Class 4: ASG, Lonex, MAXX model, 

Gears: V2/3 15 tooth sector gear drive

Class 1: A&K, G&G

Class 2: SHS, ZCI, Lonex, Modify

Class 3: Laylax, G&P

Class 4: Siegetek

Gear box: V3

Class 1:

Class 2: 

Class 3: Lonex

Class 4: Retro Arms, SHS

Nozzle: Varying lengths

Class 1:

Class 2: Guarder, Retro Arms

Class 3: Lonex, Shs, Laylax

Class 4: 

Piston: Standard 15 tooth

Class 1:

Class 2: SHS, Modify

Class 3: Lonex

Class 4: Laylax, systema

Piston head: AeG Standard

Class 1:

Class 2: Shs, Bravo

Class 3: Lonex

Class 4: Action Army, Maxx Model, Laylax

Spring: AEG standard

Class 1: G&G

Class 2: SHS, Action Army

Class 3: Laylax, ASG

Class 4:

Spring guide: V3

Class 1:

Class 2: SHS, Madbull, Maxx Model

Class 3: Lonex

Class 4: Laylax

Trigger contacts: V3

Class 1:

Class 2: SHS

Class 3:

Class 4: Lonex

Version 3.jpg

Guns that use V2 gearboxes: MP5k, AK47, CZ 805 Bren, G36, Sig 552

Item name: Compatibility 

Class 1: Manufacturers of replacement parts

Class 2: Manufacturers of good parts

Class 3: Manufacturers of great parts

Class 4: Manufacturers of the best parts

Version 3 gearboxes are best know for AK47s. They are widely considered the best gearboxes considering the ease to work on (attached motor cage) and significantly higher reinforcement versus the version 2 gearbox. Even a stock v3 gearbox can potentially last longer in high impact builds than a v2 would in a normal build. Other than potentially aftermarket SHS and Retro Arms M249 gearboxes, V3 gearboxes are the strongest gearboxes. They are also popular due to the high amount of available upgrade parts. Nearly all internal parts for a V3 gearbox are compatible with V2 parts.

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