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Heavy Weapon Operator

Heavy weapon operator is a somewhat rare form of airsoft play style due to the awkwardness. Heavy weapon operator is generally defined as anyone who operates a weapon that is capable of firing continuously for a long period of time without having to reload or cool down. Heavy weapons operators (HWO) are key in firefights when the team is attempting to keep the enemy in place. HWOs use their weapons to fire nonstop for longer periods of time so the enemy team cannot move from cover without high risk of being shot. Their other purpose is to take down large threats such as vehicles, in airsoft, this purpose is more rare.


Last update: 3-22-18


HWO guns vary drastically. Most players use gun styles designed for HWOs but some adapt more normal guns to work as a heavy weapon (HW). 

There are a few major HWs, such as the M249, stoner LMG (light machine gun), Browning, and the MK series. While LMG may sound misdirecting, they are larger weapons that act in a very similar way to the HWs.  

Many people mistake HWs for extremely fast firing guns, that is not the case. What makes a heavy weapon effective is its ability to suppress, which does not come from a high ROF. When HWs shoot for a very long time without stopping, they are extremely effective in stopping movement from enemy lines. If an enemy is behind a barricade or fort, they will likely not move if they are constantly hearing bbs bouncing off the barricade.

If you wish to use standard weaponry as a HW, you must do some modifications. Typically, the best way to build a HW is to use high speed or standard speed gears and a very high torque motor. A high torque motor can spin for a prolonged period of time (so long as the spring is somewhat low powered) without overheating. This will likely give you a ROF of somewhere between 12-20 rounds.  

Stoner LMG
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