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Personal Safety

Personal safety is the number one most important factor in airsoft. You must be very careful and pay very close attention when handling airsoft guns. Your personal safety comes from the following factors. 

Gun safety

Gun safety is a very serious thing. The first thing you should do when handling a gun is check if it is on safety. If it is not, switch it to safety mode before doing anything else. Next, check if it has a magazine in it. If it does, remove the mag. Next, check the battery, if it has one in it, remove the battery.

While airsoft guns are not deadly and do not require a gun safe to be protected from them, it is still a good idea to store them in a safe, secluded place such as in a closet or basement. If you have a box, case, or gun bag for them, it is a good idea to keep it in that.

Field Safety

Field safety deals with how you act when you are in an airsoft field. You should always watch where you are walking or running, airsoft is a very active sport, you do not want to end up with a rolled ankle or broken arm from tripping. You should also be wary of your surroundings, if a barricade does not look stable, do not lean against it. You should never climb barricades or forts unless there is a ladder set out specifically for that purpose. You shouldn't climb trees, if you attempt to climb a tree, there is a very strong possibility of you falling and getting injured. Another thing to be careful of is your gun, falling on top of your gun can seriously injure you. We once saw someone slip and fall and swung his Thompson SMG into his hand. Thompson's are full metal and the sight on the end of the gun is very sharp, the sight pierced his hand and left him with a 2 inch scar. 

Public Safety

Public safety refers to how to protect the public from airsoft games. The number one way to protect the public from the games is to simply be aware of your target. If you see someone, make sure they are playing airsoft and have the proper safety gear, if they are a member of the public who somehow found their way onto the field, they could get seriously injured in the crossfire. 

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