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Last page update 3-26-24

Getting Started

While everyone is different, there are some general guidelines for getting started if you are interested in playing airsoft.

picking a gun

When picking a gun, it is essential to take into consideration the fields you will be playing in, how you think you will play, personal style, and most importantly, your budget. The gun should not take up 100% of your budget, you must take into account the other costs such as field entry fees, BBs, and any other accessories you want to add. If there is an official field within reasonable distance, it might make sense for you to try renting a gun initially. If you go to a field and rent a gun for $20 and pay entry fee of $20 and decide you never want to play again, you are only down $40 for the test. If you purchase a $200 gun and pay entry fee and decided to never play again, you are now down $220.


The field(s) you plan to spend most of your time in should play a huge role. If you plan to play in an indoor arena with an FPS limit of 360, you need to account for that by getting a gun that shoots under their limit and is properly suited for indoor fields. Some indoor fields require guns to be set to semi auto only, other allow full auto. If you are allowed to use full auto, the field and play style will most likely fall into the category of CQC. If that is the case, you will likely want to follow the guideline in the link and pick a short weapon that fires low FPS but high ROF with good trigger response. If the field only allows semi auto, your options are limited drastically. If there is another field you plan to play in, you might want to get a gun suited for that field and semi lock your gun when you play in the CQC field.


If you are playing in a larger, outdoor field, your options are far greater. In this case, you can bring nearly any style gun and be successful. While it is always recommended to use a gun at least equivalent to an ASSAULT rifle or better in terms of range, CQC is still an option. Where the maximum range indoor might be approximately 10 feet, outdoor there could be hundreds of yards. If you desire a further shooting gun, you should consider the DESIGNATED MARKSMEN class. with this class, you should be getting better range but limiting your usage in close quarters areas. If you desire even further range, the SNIPER class might be for you. However, we NEVER recommend starting as a sniper. The sniper class is very different from any of the other classes. Many people rage quit because certain Airsoft celebrities make sniping look so easy and everyone wants to be them. The problem being that most Airsoft youtubers have extremely upgraded guns that perform very well and they are also masters of illusion. They are in complete control of what the viewer sees. If they play in a game and get 10 kills but get killed 20 times, they might only show 1 or 2 of their own deaths but show all of their kills or only the ones that make them seem better. Never base your judgement on what you should start as off of youtubers. This is not to say that none of these youtubers are good players or that they are bad people, it is simply their market and they have found ways of making the most entertaining videos they can. For the ones who are truly excellent marksmen, it takes a lot of experience and expensive upgrades to reach where they are. It is usually better to start off in assault class and decide later once you have some experience in airsoft if you would like to give sniping a try. 


Your personal style is not something to ignore. If you think you might be a better HEAVY WEAPONS OPERATOR class, maybe you should try that. Not much can be said about personal style other than you know yourself better than anyone else, you should be the one to decide what your style is. 

Picking a Field

Picking a field is almost based entirely on personal style and what TYPE OF AIRSOFT you will fall into. If you prefer to be constantly on the move and constantly getting kills, speedsoft is likely a good match for you. If this is the case, you should look for an indoor field. Indoor fields are typically CQC and speedsoft based meaning they are small and have very short, fast games with a heavy amount of kills. If you prefer to shoot from a distance, outdoor will likely be you. Any distance other than CQC and borderline assault will better function in and outdoor field with more room to play. Assault can play in nearly any situation due to the adaptability of the loadouts. 

What you need to know

What you need to know depends on how in depth you plan on getting into Airsoft. Usually, for starters it is good to know about the loadout you settled on. That information can be found in any of the PLAYER TYPES info pages. Also, you should know more about the type of weaponry you are using. The basics can be found in the WHAT IS AIRSOFT page. If you wish to get more in depth with the weaponry to understand on a more advanced level, you should look on the GUN TYPES page specific to the type of gun you are using.

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