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Gear and clothing
Personal Gear / Clothing

Everyones loadout will be different but there are many common items to remember.

  • Full Seal Eye Protection - Extremely important! We do have eye pro available for rent and sale but nothing beats your own. We recommend bringing 2 pairs just in case you misplace the first. If there is one item that you splurge on, this is it. Having poor quality eye pro that fogs, completely ruins your day. If you can't see where you are going, it doesn't matter how much you spent on your guns or gear.

  • Face Protection - We recommend having face protection if your eye protection does not cover your mouth, nose or ears. We have seen multiple people lose teeth playing airsoft, it can and will happen if you do not take precautions.

  • Boots - A pair of comfortable, mobile boots can make or break your experience. If you go home with hurting feet, it could take a couple days to recover. Steel toe boots are not recommended since they cannot flex as much. A pair of hiking boots are usually good options if you don't have tactical boots.

  • Hydration carrier - A camel back (any brand) is extremely helpful. Of course, with a hydration carrier, you need water! make sure you bring lots of water. When you think you have enough, bring more.

  • Camo / Team Color Clothing - For any open play event, you can wear whatever you want. If you are playing at an Milsim (Generally labeled "Operation") you may have to adhere to certain guidelines. Check the specific event for details. 

  • Plate Carrier / Chest Rig / Web Gear - This set up will be highly dependent on the rest of your loadout (see below) but some form of tactical gear to hold your extra mags, guns, batteries, tools, etc can be helpful. Not required, but helpful.

  • Helmet - This item will fall under the same category as the team colors. You can generally get helmet covers to change the color if needed far cheaper than purchasing an additional helmet. Not required, but recommended.

  • Sidearm Holster - If you are carrying a sidearm, some way to carry it while being easily accessible is important.

  • Gloves - Not required but helpful, a pair of gloves can save your hands a world of hurt from bb hits and thorns. Also recommend catering these to the climate. If you are playing in the cold, bring warmer gloves and vice versa.

  • Backpack / Duffel bag - For open play events, you just want something to keep your gear isolated in your vehicle. For any milsim event, you may need a pack or bag to bring your extra gear onto the field. You can leave the pack at your teams FOB if you'd like. Having extra gear with you can save you a lot of time and walking.

  • Handheld Radio - This item can be critical for Milsims. Open plays generally do not use radios, but having them for milsims will allow you to known what is going on and communicate with your team. Milsims require a much higher level of communication and team work than an open play and a decent radio can help facilitate that. We do NOT currently sell radios, we recommend getting one ahead of time. 

  • Wallet - If you pre registered for the event, you won't need to pay the day of, but you may be needing extra supplies like BBs, green gas, C02, or even just food. 

  • Tarp - It can be important to have a tarp that can be thrown over your gear both to deter theft and to protect from the weather. Theft is not common at our field but can happen. We have cameras in the parking lot to help with that but prevention is best.

  • Dead Rag - While not required, any form of red rag or bandana can help a lot. We have them available for purchase at the field. 

  • Gauze pads - Many of our milsims offer the option for buddy medics. This only works if you have a gauze pad to tie around your arm to signify how many times you have been hit.

In winter games you should think about these items as well:

  • Winter coat

  • Snow pants

  • Thermal Base Layer (under armor)

  • Hot hands / Toasty toes

  • Primary Airsoft Gun - If possible we recommend having at least 2 primary guns available for use through the day. You never know when something might go wrong with the first one.

  • Secondary Airsoft Gun - Not as important as having 1 or even 2 primary guns (unless you have a sniper / LMG, then a secondary is often required). 

  • Magazines - Try to have as many mags as possible for each gun. We recommend at least 3 per gun, of course highly dependent on the mag capacity as well as the duration of the game. If it is an open play, you can get away with less mags than a milsim that lasts a few days.

  • Basic tools for guns - Having a few allen keys, pocket knife, even some duct tape can make or break your day. And more importantly, knowning how to use them to fix basic problems with your guns.

  • BBs and Speedloaders - Our field generally has bbs (of all weights) and speedloaders in stock at all times, but if you have some at home, there is no sense in leaving them there. Our prices are usually as good or sometimes better than you will find online, but no sense in spending money you don't have to.

  • Cleaning kit - Your gun can and will break down if it is too dirty. A basic cleaning kit to include a cleaning rod, paper towel, isopropyl alcohol, a rag, etc can be extremely helpful.

  • Batteries - We can recharge your batteries at the field if you have your name on it (we are not responsible for the battery) but we recommend having at least 2 fully charged batteries at the beginning of the day.

  • Green gas /C02 - If your secondary guns run on green gas or C02, we recommend bringing some. Again, we generally have both of these in stock (and usually about the same price you will find online) but if you have some at home, no sense in leaving it there.

Camping gear *Milsims only*
  • Check the event - Camping is only available if it says so on the event page. Check this ahead of time so you are not stranded.

  • Camping Deposit - At our field, we do require a $20 deposit to camp for all camp sites. When you leave, find an admin and have them inspect your campsite. If it is clean, you will get your full deposit back, if not, you will not receive the refund.

  • Water - If you think you brought enough water, bring more. There is no such thing as bringing too much water. If you didn't go home with extra water, you didn't bring enough. Make sure to plan for all the water that will be required to cook your food, clean yourself, brush your teeth, etc. 

  • Tent / shelter - Whatever your preferred shelter, make sure you bring it. Whether you prefer to sleep in your car, tent, hammock, make sure to bring it. If you have a camper trailer, you must contact us ahead of time to ensure there will be enough room.

  • Sleeping mat - If you are sleeping in a tent on the ground, we recommend a sleeping mat so you reduce the risk of waking up sore.

  • Sleeping bag - Cater this to the temperature you expect. If it will be cold, make sure you bring a properly rated bag. It is better to have a bag rated for colder than you expect, than to have one not rated cold enough. 

  • Food - Whether you plan to buy food for all your meals or bring food, plan this ahead of time. Don't be that guy that bums every meal off of other people. 

  • Stove - If you are bringing your own food, being able to warm it up can make a huge difference in morale. 

  • Lighter - campfires are allowed in designated fire rings. A lighter though will be important.

  • Extra clothes - Unless you want to drive home in sweaty, stinky clothes, bring extras. This makes a world of difference for your own comfort and everyone else's noses.

  • Bug spray - In the summer, bugs can be quite irritating. Having some way to repel them helps.

Camping Gear
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