Frequently asked questions

When are you open?

We are open to the public on event days. To find when event days are, click on the home page and scroll down or click HERE. You can also schedule an appointment which are mostly on weekends by calling or texting 586-745-4592 or emailing

How many people typically show up?

It can be hard to estimate how many people will appear at an event. During the winter, attendence is usually anywhere from 10-18 people depending highly on the weather. During the fall and spring it is usually 18-25. During the summer is it usually 15-22. These numbers have been slowly increasing as DarkFire becomes more well known and popular.

How much do you charge for repairs and upgrades?

Our rate is based on how much time the service takes as well as the difficulty of the job. Simple fixes could cost $5 while heavy upgrading can cost significantly more. It is best to describe what fixes and/or upgrades you want as well as what you want the outcome to be (more accuracy, higher fps, more range, etc) so we can give you as close of a quote as we possibly can.

Do you have rentals available?

Yes, our rental information can be found on our rental page under the field folder, or by clicking HERE. We have a much wider variety of rentals available than most other fields, we have multi tiered rifles, snipers, and pistols.

What do we do once we are within our engagement distance since there is no "bang bang" rule?

While it is highly unlikely that you will breach your minimum engagement distance(MED) (unless you have a high MED) it is possible. Once you are within your range, you have several options. First, you could switch to a sidearm with a lower MED. You can also try for a melee kill with any melee simulating weapon as described on our rules page. Lastly, you can attempt to use "bang bang," while it is not mandatory that a player accepts a bang kill, they just might.