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Crash site extraction – 2 to 4 players or admins play as a downed helicopter crew or vehicle crewmen and are awaiting rescue. They must choose a random location in the field, where they will have to defend their location from enemy patrols seeking them out, and await extraction from Team 1. 

Team 1 wins the game when they successfully locate, revive and then extract AT LEAST ONE crew member alive to their extraction point.

Team 2 wins the scenario if they locate, capture and extract at least one of the survivors to their extraction point first.

Crash survivors will hide in their chosen defensive location before the match starts and must evade detection and or defend themselves from enemy engagements. Survivors are wounded and cannot walk or jog UNTIL they are treated by a medic. Crash survivors can ONLY crawl, limp, or drag a leg before being treated by a team medic. After being treated they are free to walk or jog during extraction, no sprinting. Survivors have limited ammo, and are limited to smaller platforms such as pistols or sub machine guns. (no MG's, heavy weapons or box mags) Grenades are ok, one or two battle rifles only.

Each team will designate one (or two depending on number of players in game) team medics, that can revive a downed player. IMPORTANT RULE: Once the survivors are contacted by either the Teams, they have only 2 revives before they are KIA. If all survivors are killed the mission is failed for all teams. incapacitated survivors that are captured by Team 2 players must submit to being extracted, but if their captors are hit during extraction, they CAN BE intercepted by the opposite team. Again, at least ONE survivor has to be extracted alive for the scenario to be won. Game can be played more than once and team that has most extracted survivors is the ultimate winner.

Respawn: Unlimited / 30-60 second Bleedout / 15 second medic

Spawn point: 1, 2, Random
Time of day: Any
Player ratio: 10-10-2
Estimated Time of Game: 40-60 minutes

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