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Sat, Jul 08


Darkfire Airsoft

Black Dawn

Civil unrest has sparked rebellion! Rebel Forces have taken up a campaign to restore order in their homeland The Army of the State has set out to quell the rebellion to keep order in their homeland

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Black Dawn
Black Dawn

Time & Location

Jul 08, 2023, 9:00 AM – Jul 09, 2023, 3:00 PM

Darkfire Airsoft, 1609 Lake Wilson Rd S, Hillsdale, MI 49242, USA

About the event

2 Day MilSim organized and hosted by the Admin team of Darkfire Airsoft. 

We will have an area of the parking lot organized for overnight camping


After discovering oil, a small nation state's government collapsed under military coup. Now a fierce dictatorship has arisen from the ashes and the people have become restless. A growing rebellion has formed under the nose of the government, being aided by a network of supportive citizens and foreign military aid. The rebel forces fight to free their homeland from military power, while the nations military does all they can to repel foreign invaders and quell the rebellion.


Army of the State- CAMO RESTRICTIONS: Tan Camos; OCP, MarPat, Digi, etc. Tans and Black. NO GREEN

The nations standing military. Under command of High General Juan Fransisco III has been mobilized to quell the rebel cell and push back foreign invaders.

Rebel Army- CAMO RESTRICTIONS: Plain clothes, flannels, M81 Woodland, Greens and RealTree. NO TAN

Citizens and a legion of foreign mercenaries fight back against the state to rebuild the democracy in their homeland.


Friday, July 7th

Gates open for camping and early registration

Saturday, July 8th

-Gates Open. Registration and Chrono: 9am

-Briefing 9:30am

-StartOp: 11am

-Lunch Break: 3pm-4pm

-End Day 1: 9pm

NIGHT RAID: 9pm-11pm

Sunday, July 9th

-Briefing: 9am

-StartOp: 9:30am

-End Event: 3pm

EVENT SPECIFIC RULES: These are subject to change. Any updates will be posted and notified on game day.



DarkFire Airsoft Field Rules


  • Uniform requirements will be strictly enforced. Required to wear at very least team specific tops and bottoms.
  • Hats/Helmets are personal preference but must match team color as well
  • Ghillie Suits adhere to team faction colors. Tan and Green
  • Gear color (plate carriers/chest rigs, belts, etc) does not matter

Army of the State- CAMO RESTRICTIONS: Tan Camos; OCP, MarPat, Digi, etc. Tans and Black. NO GREEN

Rebel Army- CAMO RESTRICTIONS: Plain clothes, flannels, M81 Woodland, Greens and RealTree. NO TAN

NIGHT RAID: To participate in the night raid, all players must have some form of white light for visibility and red light for dead light and a color light to distinguish their team, green for rebels and blue for the army. We will have limited supply available in the shop. So come prepared. Purposefully not wearing the proper marker light will result in a strike and war crime.

Player BB hits

  • A direct BB impact to the player or his gear is a valid hit
  • BB impact to held weapons do not count as a valid hit “Gun hit”

Player Search and capture

  • Players can approach captured or downed players to ‘search’ them, announcing they are doing a search on one player at a time. The searched player must give them any on hand collectibles or intel. Players cannot dig through others pockets for loot.
  • Players may capture enemy players ONLY if they can take them alive. You cannot capture a downed or dead player.
  • Players who are captured may be bound ONLY if the captured party consents
  • Captured players can only be held for a half-hour maximum          
    • After such time, captured player is to draw their dead rag and return to their FOB for respawn
    • Captured players must be returned with all of their items and gear they were captured with, exception being searchable intel and collectibles


Anyone caught breaking these rules or harassing others will be ejected from the game and the team will receive a war crime


  • Squads and teams will be given radio frequencies to communicate with one another with
  • Players may not interfere with communication signals or spy on enemy channels at any time during gameplay.
  • Frequencies may break down over time or fail, problems will be addressed if they arise

Anyone caught breaking these rules will be ejected from the game and the team will receive a war crime

CLASSES: Event will have weapon classes and restrictions.

Darkfire Airsoft Joule and FPS restrictions are the events baseline.

  • Infantryman:          
    • Chrono at or under 1.5J
    • Semi-Auto ONLY
    • 5ft MED


  • SMG:          
    • Pistol caliber replica
    • Chrono at or under 1J
    • Select fire, Full-Auto allowed
    • 5ft MED


  • LMG / Squad Support          
    • ALL Squad Auto Weapons 50ft MED no exceptions
    • Full-Auto allowed
    • Hi-cap winding box mags/drums allowed
    • Sidearm required for combat within MED


  • Sniper          
    • ALL bolt action and other sniper rifles 100ft MED no exceptions
    • Sidearm or SMG required for combat within MED
    • Limit of 1 sniper per squad


  • Medics          
    • Squad Medics must follow standard SMG or Infantry weapon roles


  • Speciality Weapons:          
    • Riot/Ballistic shields are allowed, but can only be used with scatterguns or side arms
    • Shotguns/scatterguns are allowed. Tri-shot spring guns have a 5ft MED and 6 shots have a 10ft MED. Shotguns qualify for class sidearm restrictions
    • Grenade launchers are allowed, 20ft MED for all BB shower grenades. Hard launchables (i.e Taginns) are NOT allowed
    • Pyro and grenades, such as EG smoke and EG87 grenades are allowed but weather dependent. The call will be made on game day if the weather is too dry to use. No homemade pyro!
    • Melee weapons follow field rules. Soft foam and plastic knives allowed. Slashing motions only. Results in immediate return to FOB, cannot be revived, no bleedout.


MEDICS AND MEDIC RULES: (gameplay, non-emergency)

Squads will be assigned a medic. They will be denoted on the field by blue arm bands and will carry a medical bag with ACE style bandages. They are the only ones allowed to revive players

  • Players may carry ACE bandages, MSW Tourniquets, or other wrap style medic markers.
  • Players must carry some form of red dead rag to display above them or visibly on them to note that they are downed or dead.
  • Players may be revived twice before final bleedout.          
    • Bleedout timing is 5 minutes before return to FOB.


  • Medics cannot treat themselves, only from other medics
  • Downed players can be dragged or carried to cover, and cannot move under their own mobility.
  • Dead men tell no tales, and neither do downed men. If your red dead-rag is out, you cannot speak to living players
  • Medic armbands and bags cannot be exchanged in the field unless under staff cleared circumstance or removal of player from gameplay


Any serious injuries, medical emergencies, or loss/damage of eye protection will follow the field's “blind-man” rules. Many of the Darkfire staff are trained for injury and combat rescue and will be introduced on site day prior to start.


War Crimes are instances of poor sportsmanship that will dock your team points and penalties to your player as well. They can be administered by either on field staff or in game admins. Actions subject to penalties are as such.

  • Cheating of any sort, ie. Not calling hits          
    • Not only will this result in a war crime, it will earn you 1 strike per violation. 3 strikes and you will be ejected from the game


  • Purposefully breaking or sabotaging any of the field props or items
  • Breaking any field or event rules.          
    • Purposefully breaking any safety rules will have you ejected from the game immediately and may result in suspension or ban from the field


Any questions about the rules can be asked to the field staff or in the event specific chat on our discord.

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