The Annual Halloween Hunt

The Halloween hunt is a big annual event with many one-time competitions and games that are sure to excite! In the safe zone, we will start out by having a friendly competition, a game of guess the bb count in a bottle. There will be a jar full of BBs, if your guess of how many BBs are in this jar is the closest out of everyone, you win the whole thing! There will also be a scary loadout competition. If you can bring the scariest gear and gun (voted on by participants) then you will win a prize! Next, we’ll warm up on the field with some other competitions, range by class (pistols, cqc, assault, snipers) competition, gladiator duals, and Russian roulette (don’t worry, if you lose you just shoot your foot). Each of these competitions will have prizes along with them. After lunch high noon is on, ten paces and fire with nothing but a pistol in the tire arena. Further high noon instructions on game mode tab on website. After this there will be a treasure hunt for a few boxes (hope you're a pirate today) with some treasures inside, if you find any before everyone else, you get what is in it. If there is time before dark a simple game of team death match or any other simple game will occur. Once it is dark, the monster come out. The night war is on, no allegiances, no teams, strobe lights, fight till your out!


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