Mar 29, 2018



1 - Make your topics on threads specific. The topic of your thread should let the reader know what the thread is about. Mods have full authority to re-title threads, but we would rather you take care of this yourself.

2 - Put threads in the right place. Wanted to sell / buy / trade threads must go in Commerce. Don't post about airsoft in Off Topic. We're not going to punish anyone for asking about AEG brands in AEG vs newbie questions, but if you go blatantly off topic, you'll get a warning. Just to make it clear, any attempt to sell gear outside of commerce will get you a warning. Don't drop into gear or gun threads to mention that you have an appropriate item for sale. The most we'll tolerate is a general "good deals on used gear can often be found in the Commerce board."


3 - If you want to tell someone to do a search, you must also provide an answer to their question. If you cannot, then do not post on the topic. Brief responses only saying to do a search will be deleted.

4 - Any racist/sexist/abusive language will be deleted by mods or cleverly edited to make you seem silly. So please avoid it. Only extremely mild use of profanity will be allowed, the limit is up to the mods.

5 - Please use the 'Edit' button to edit your posts instead of creating a new post directly after the old one. Any attempts to raise postcount by consecutive multiposts will result in a banning.

6 - The mods have the ability to either delete a post or thread. It is up to the mod how they want to handle this.

7 - Please use proper grammar and punctuation. Not only will you get your message across much clearer, but other forum members might actually be able to reply to your post instead of trying to decipher your enigmatic nonsense.

8 - Do not bring up old posts, if they haven't had a response in over 4 months do not post unless you have a very valid reason to do so.


9 - Please be nice to each other, any rude remarks or uncalled for comments will be removed and may result in your blocking or banning, we are trying to create a good environment here.


10 - No discussion of anything relating to real firearms. This is an airsoft forum, not a real gun forum, keep your posts on topic.


11 - If you're unhappy about forum moderation, PM an admin and state your case. Public complaining about moderation will be dealt with at the moderators' discretion, which includes summary bans. Our usual warning system doesn't mean everyone gets three free chances to tee off on their least favorite moderator.


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